Meet the Directors

Authentic Flavours Wine & Food Tours was established in 2013, having worked tirelessly over the past 5 years to bring each and every tour to perfection for our Travellers before launching the business, each of our Directors have an immense love of Travel.

Caroline Dettoni

Outstanding attention to detail

A founding Partner, Caroline is West Australian born and bred, marrying a North Italian man and then living in Northern Italy for over ten years. Caroline learnt to speak Italian fluently in just 3 short months, being completely immersed in the culture and at the time being the only english speaking person in the area. Caroline taught Italian to children in schools on her return to Australia many years later.

Caroline continued to travel back and forwards to Europe and America almost every year since returning to live in Australia, from here grew her immense love of travel, and wanting to share all that she had experienced and seen on her travels.

Caroline has also been a small Business owner for the past 35 years, so her understanding of people and customer service are exemplary, Carolines attention to detail is outstanding, loving all things Five star! Caroline can tell you all about Business and First class travel from Airlines to Hotels and restaurants, as well as how to budget to perfection for travellers with small budgets, believing that travel is never out of reach for any budget, you just need to know how.

Giorgia Dettoni

Exemplary customer service

Born in Western Australia, Giorgia lived for over ten years in the North Italian Lakes district, having done much of her schooling there, Giorgia speaks fluent Italian, currently learning to perfection French as well.

Giorgia worked as a Lecturer for many years teaching Tourism, Business, Management and Retail Management, her customer service skills are exceptional having Managed Business for over 22 years.

Giorgia’s personal Travel recommendations are Business class flying  during those long flights, travel with a professional or someone who has visited the region before,  and always .. always organise transfers ! It is so important.

Authentic Flavours has been an absolute dream coming true for her, having travelled extensively to much of Europe, USA, Mexico and Asia for the past 25 years, a life in travel was just going to be a matter of time.

Tammy McGuinness

Once you've sampled the best theres no going back!

Originally from a Dutch family background, Tammy reclocated from the East Coast of Australia to Western Australia at a very young age.

Also a very qualified small business owner for many years, Tammy has exceptional Customer service capabilities.

Tammy has studied in the fields of Community services, child Care and Tourism.

Her strengths lie in one on one individualised service to our Travellers, Tammy familiarises herself with all aspects of the diverse cultures that Authentic Flavours visit during our tours. Tammy’s love of travel spans many years now, having travelled extensively with Giorgia on many adventures for the past 15 years.

Authentic Flavours has been a dream come true, her travel highlight was travelling First class with Giorgia long-haul to Europe, many adventures have followed since, all wonderful experiences that Tammy has learnt from and have made her the ideal tour guide that she is today.