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29th October 2014

Perfectly packed suitcase with Caroline


i-2The moment you have been waiting for has finally arrived… Yippee! Don’t let the worry of packing spoil the fun and adventure that awaits. I’ve been packing suitcases for years in preparation for my wonderful adventures around the world, let me tell you this is much simpler and enjoyable than you may think.

Fist things first… pop that celebratory bottle of Champagne! It’s almost party time.

Now I have tried packing my clothing every witch way but trust me when I say “lay your clothing Flat!!“ its absolutely essential and it works best, ladies you want to fit that extra pair of shoes don’t you?? Well lay your clothes flat, this is the most important piece of advice I can pass on to you.

Pack clothing that will mix and match, as a rule 2-3 items will make many outfits with just a simple addition of accessories here and there.

Clothing should be wrinkle free, not too heavy, you can always layer up, big heavy jumpers are a waste of time, and forget about packing Dressing gowns !! this is not required, good hotels have them in your room.

Accessories such as wraps and scarves are fantastic for changing the look of an outfit and they require very little room in your suitcase.

Now… about the shoes! Pack them you must! But the trick is not to over do it, by packing similar shoes. First of all they must be comfy, you will be doing a lot of walking! Don’t pack shoes that will loose their shape while in the suitcase, light weight shoes are best but if you have heavy boots or heels choose to wear a pair in flight to cut down on excess weight or pack them in your overhead luggage, you have 7kg.

Bathroom scales come in handy for checking the weight of your suitcase as you go.

The one thing you don’t want is to pay excess for your luggage.

Economy flights allow for 23kg as a rule and Business 30kg-40kg depending on the airline.

Don’t forget to leave space for your shopping while abroad.

Good-o! Time to top up that glass of Champagne and relax… the hard part is done!

Bon Voyage!