About Authentic Flavours Wine & Food Tours

We offer Gastronomical Tours to Europe such as France and Italy, taking groups to sample the true and Authentic Flavours of these regions, experiencing fine wines and foods as well as sights to behold, staying in 4-5 star Hotels that capture the Traditional flavours of the regions we visit.

Be treated like a VIP while traveling to places you only dreamt of, allow us to arrange your travel, choosing from our magnificent Itineraries or with your help customising your very own.

There are thousands of tours out there, our first hand knowledge of the regions we visit is what sets us apart from the rest, having lived in Europe for over 10 years, we can show you the real Italy.. the real France… don’t travel like a tourist only skimming over the surface, travel like an expert.

Authentic Flavours believe that the only way to really experience a new place is to travel with a good friend who knows the place inside and out, we are that “friend”, allow us to introduce you to Tradition and Authenticity .