Our Point of Difference

We know there are thousands of tours out there to choose from.

Authentic flavours knows where the locals eat, buy their wine and spend their time relaxing in their spare time… and that is exactly where we want to take you! We want you to have an Authentic Tour, to experience shopping, wine and dining, sightseeing like a local.

We know our Tours have something different to offer,  because we have local experience, our team has lived in many of the regions that we visit on our tours, so we know first hand the little towns and villages that most tour companies don’t know about, the traditions each regional town has to offer, imersing each of our travellers in  off the beaten track hideaway locations, sampling authentic local cusine and partaking in traditional “feste” and tradition.

Try amazing foods in Italy prepared by Italian Chefs using recipes handed down through generations, sample wines produced in a local winery and stored in a local Cantina.

Go shopping without the fear of having the prices altered because you are a tourist who may not necessarily speak the language, you wont need to worry about that for a second, the Authentic Flavours Team speak Italian, French, Spanish and Greek and we will happily go shopping with you to ensure you get the local price and never pay more than you need to.

Our guided tours have your best interest in mind every step of the way, you will have free time of course, but if there is anything we can assist you with, it would be our pleasure, nothing is too much trouble for our travellers.

Our Tours offer the  best  Accommodation, staying in traditional 4-5 star hotels, private air conditioned transfers during hot European summers, and lovely warm transfers during winter.

Traditional cuisine from each region visited, accompanied by the  best wines the regions have to offer such as Moet or Dom Perignon in Paris, or a fantastic Chianti in Tuscany.

We cater to each Travellers unique requirements,  if you are Vegetarian or suffer from allergies, have specific dietary requirements we will be sure to make reasonable adjustment to suit you, you need not worry.

Welcome Cocktail evenings will launch each and every tour, our travellers will delight in Canapes and a variety of drinks, both alcoholic and non alcoholic.

Our tour groups will be kept small and exclusive so every traveller can get the most from each tour.